• Drone Service

    We can count on various crews and flying solutions dedicated to advertising, Sport and TV video shooting, but also for technically oriented data collection. The crew are professionally certified with ENAC. The cameras that can be carried are X5, X7, DSRL, Canon C100/200/300/500, Sony FS7,Red and Arri Alexa Mini. It's also possible to mount lightweight lights to illuminate night shots. Thanks to the drone lab, we can customize drone for all kind of aerial flight.
  • Arri Maxima with Operator

    Gymbal Operator with Arri Maxima. Ask a daily quote.
  • Arri Trinity Operator

    TRINITY is the first hybrid camera stabilizer that combines classic mechanical stabilization with advanced active electronic stabilization, provided via 32-bit ARM-based gimbal technology. This combination results in five axes of control and enables uniquely fluid, wide-ranging, and precisely controlled movements for unrestricted shooting and total creative freedom. New angles for the operator and new storytelling options for the director and cinematographer are possible with TRINITY. By inverting the post, the camera can be moved from low mode to high mode during a shot; using the joystick-controlled, fully stabilized tilt axis to look up or down during this motion is also possible, so a low angle can smoothly transition into an over-the-shoulder shot. By holding the post at 45 degrees and twisting it left or right, the camera can even look around corners, whether in low or high mode. Additional stabilization in the roll axis permits the use of telephoto lenses. Extraordinary new shots, angles, and movements are achievable when TRINITY is used in its fully stabilized mode. For situations that call for a more traditional operating style, TRINITY can be switched into a locked mode in which the tilt axis is connected directly to the post in the traditional manner.
  • Steadicam Operator

    Steadicam Operator. Ask for a daily quote.
  • Crane with Operators & Grip

    CamMate Crane 10 meters with remote head with two Operators & Grip. Ask a daily quote.
  • Gimbal Operator

    Gymbal Operator with Ronin 2. Ask for a daily quote.