MayaGalattici – IKIllTheMAchine Trailer -

Band: Maya Galattici -
Song Title: iKILLTheMAchine
Maya Galattici is an Italian band born in 2010 from the ashes of Chinasky and led by co-founders and writers/musicians Marco Pagot and Alessandro Antonel.
The duo who embodies a sound that is part psychedelic accents, part old school guitar and whose vocal armonies and sound echo vintage pop ballads and feelings of free falling.
As Chinasky, the band spent the last decade in the studio and performing live throughout Europe.
Garage Records’ Ruggero Pol studio engineer, and Marco Posocco, studio and live engineer for P.F.M., Morgan, Afterhours, Scisma and Cristina Donà collaborated with Maya Galattici for post production.
Additional musicians include Matteo Benezzi on drums.
Label: Garagerecords -

Video Production: liquid&solid -
Director/Cinematographer: Luigi Tadiotto
1st Camera Assistant: Alessandro Terenzi
2nd camera Assistent: Paolo Corazza
Editing: Luigi Tadiotto
Camera & Light: Liquid&solid
Camera: Arri Alexa
Lenses: Cooke varotal 18-100

Press Agency: Zest Promotion -


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