One always takes for granted that Venice is the ideal city for a honeymoon, but this is a serious error. Living in Venice, or simply visiting it, means to fall in love with it, and there is no space left in the heart for anything else

Peggy Guggenheim 

If I had to find a word which replaces “music”, I could only think of the word Venice

Friedrich Nietzsche

Everything around me is full of nobility , is the work of great and venerable human forces gathered and is a majestic monument not only to the prince , but of a whole people

on Venice , Goethe , Italian Journey , 1816

Our region is full of incredibly beautiful and unique locations. Their exclusivity makes them the perfect places to set your video or movie productions.
There are a wide range of landscapes, mansions, castles, churches, palaces and historical cities and of course, modern and contemporary locations.
Liquid&Solid offers production services to anyone who wants to shoot in Venice and in the Venetian region.
Because we have operated in this area for several years we can guarantee complete competence and efficiency while providing assistance for each specific shoot’s needs.
Besides the locations search, we can provide equipment and qualified crew in every department: Casting, camera, light and grip (drones included), make-up, costumes and production design.
For information and quotes please contact Andrea Franchin (producer) andreafranchin@liquidandsolid.it
Here’s a taste of some of the beautiful locations in Venice and the Venetian region.



Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Grassi

Cà D’oro

Ponte di Rialto

Chiesa della Salute


Villa Barbarigo (Noventa Vicentina)

Villa Barbarigo (Galzignano)

Villa Pisani a Stra

Villa Tiepolo Passi

Villa Trissino Marzotto



Castello di Monselice

Asolo e la Rocca


Giardino Giusti


Forte Carpenedo

Forte Gazzera

Trincee Monte Palon


Laghetto di passo Falzarego

Torrente Astico

Grotte del Caglieron

Covolo di Campolsilavano