About Us

Liquid&Solid is a professional production company. We create feature films, short films, teasers, trailers and video content for every platform: from the web to traditional TV. We work on movies, commercials, corporate videos, music videos, tutorials, event videos and viral content.

We rent equipment and provide all the professionals needed for a production across all project phases: from pre-production with directors, screenwriters, location managers, production managers, to the actual production with DPs, ACs, DITs, gaffers and electric, grips, steadycam operators and drone operators, to completion in post production with our editors, compositors, and 3D artists.

Thanks to amazing recent developments in camera technology we are able to deliver UltraHD and 3D footage. We also have access to a sound and green-screen stage.

Additionally, we offer production services: casting, location scouting, crew and post- production (editing and CGI).